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Yes, I left you⁣
Yes, I threw ⁣
pretending ⁣
I am⁣

There was a day⁣
Scariness swallowed⁣
me like I was gonna⁣
lose you forever⁣

I walked through the⁣
rainy road, a drizzle⁣
in your eyes, as it⁣
never faded⁣

No kisses or tears⁣
could wipe the⁣
dark in us⁣

so, you just let⁣
the sky died⁣
let the wind blew⁣
the silence of⁣
your heart⁣

the words already⁣
set, and yet, you⁣
were quite. if it⁣
wasn’t me, why⁣
did you let me⁣
die for waiting?⁣

I always remembered⁣
the time, and yes,⁣
the time forgot me⁣

always. ⁣

There was a day⁣
I was afraid⁣
you were jumping⁣
out of my mind⁣
and never coming⁣

there was a day⁣
i was too afraid⁣
you left me, and⁣
knowing there⁣
was no me any⁣
more in your⁣

Yes, you left⁣
you were gone⁣
but, I left you in⁣
the gentle wave⁣
of the silence⁣

In the edge of rocks⁣
your name was echoed⁣
into nothing, because⁣
finally I did let you go⁣