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He is a technical writer on his daily work and an author in his another life. He started its passion since 2015 when after several events happened, writing led him into an enlightment of his journey.
In previous three years, he has published four books: three indies and one in major publisher, Mediakita. Currently, he’s working on debut novel which it’s planned to be released at the end of 2019.
If you want to discuss in possible events, please get in touch with him through e-mail and social medias. He’s available to speak about literacy, novels, or conducting a writing class.

The Story

Daily Work

He is a person who believes everyone can change anything. Writing and social community are the way to achieve that purpose. He is a quick learner and willing to challenge himself to work on the team. He has Sharia Economics background and book author at the daily life.

TECHNICAL WRITER teaches something new to him. Managing complicated tasks, doing multitasking works, also how to cooperate with different heads in a team. Walking in a startup world taught him that mobilities is the key to achieve the goals.
The work environment gives him so many insights about how to see things differently and set the purpose for greater goals. Now, he’s enjoying his time at the company and pursuing his dream in it.
RESEARCHER was his first work after graduating from the university. He was a research assistant of a former BNI Sharia’s CEO, Mr. Imam Saptono, to conduct a research about Sukuk Waqf; a new and promising topic of sharia economics development in Indonesia.
His team worked in daily basis with Indonesia’s Financial Services Authority (FSA) to conduct the research for 7 months. The experiences taught him to work properly and professionally and see more different perspectives of Sharia Economics blueprint.


LITERACY is a field that he belongs to. Started the passion since 2015, he pursued a goals that everybody around him underestimated about. He began his journey with writing a random chain stories in Twitter and it led him into a bigger picture: Short Story.
He learned everything by himself. After four years, has has published four books in major and indie publishing. He always tells everyone that his big dreams are making a personal reading lounge that everybody can access and make a sharia fiction book.
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