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image from daily mail
To: Mikayla Jade

Hai, Mikayla. I just watched you on Youtube. The crazy thing is everything you’ve been through, with bullying and other things that put you on miserable; put you on the deep hatred, I can feel that. Because we’ve been walking in the same path. In the same dark time. You’re not alone, Mikayla. I don’t even know you, but through your eyes, I can see everything in there. 

You have something that everyone else doesn’t recognize that. They always see what you don’t have in your life: your weakness, your incapability. I was a young person like you the first time I felt the way you feel now. I always looked up to myself and asked, “Is this the life I’m gonna live for?” 

And the song you wrote, the one you sang on the stage after your audition’s song, really got me. So, for whatever unhappiness you feel, I hope you could find the way out to make a peace with it. It is so necessary because sometimes the answer isn’t running away, but embracing it. In a time when you’re ready, though. You deserve to be happy in your life, Mikayla. Deserve to have a piece of smiled.

There is a time when you just can’t hold on for any longer. There is a time when you wanna scream it all out. There is a time when you really feel lonely; even you are in the crowdedness.

There is always a hard time for people like us. No need for an excuse. Again, because we have to face it, not running away from it. So, nice to listen to your performance. Really touched me so deeply. Thank you. So, perhaps you would never read this, but I just want you to know, that I’m with you. Thanks for the performance. It was amazing. 

So, go to the hell for the bullying, and keep loving yourself and everybody that cares about you. It is important; to you and them. 

Keep happy!